Fireworks in the shape of 2022.

The holidays are the most wonderful time of time of the year! However, the festivities each come with their own unique risks. Particularly when it comes to celebrating the New Year.

Fireworks are the main attraction on New Year’s Eve and top of the list of potential dangers. How dangerous? The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), stated there were an estimated 15,600 people treated in hospital emergency departments for fireworks injuries in 2020.

However, with the proper precautions they can be a bright, fun part of your New Year’s Eve celebration. To make sure you are staying safe while using fireworks, follow these guidelines:

  • Never point a firework toward yourself or towards others especially when the firework is lit.
  • Do not try to lite more then one firework at once that are in close proximity to each other.
  • Make sure the fireworks are away from trees and houses as this could potentially start a fire.

According to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin DiBenedetto, if the unfortunate happens and you or someone you love suffers burns from cooking, fireworks, bonfires or while taking part in any other holiday festivities, follow these Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Press a cold compress to the burn.
  • Take ibuprofen or Tylenol for pain.
  • Clean the area with cold water and apply antibiotic ointment.
  • Pop a blister.
  • Put ice directly onto a burn.

When to seek medical attention:

  • The burn wraps completely around your fingers.
  • Skin is peeling off.
  • The burn is a 2nd degree burn especially over a joint or around eye.
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