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At Rapides Urgent Care we always have a board certified physician on site. We accept patients 3 months of age and older .   We accept most insurances and provide a discount to our un-insured patients. 

We Provide Treatment for common ailments such as:

  • Cold/Flu


    We can determine if your symptoms are due to a common cold, flu, or something else and provide the appropriate treatments to help you improve.

  • Sinus/Allergy Problems

    Sinus/Allergy Problems

    Common problems include congestion and drainage.  We can determine if your symptoms are due to a sinus infection or allergies and provide the appropriate treatment, including steroid shots or antibiotics, if necessary.

  • Throat Pain

    Throat Pain

    We can determine if your throat pain is due to strep throat or something else, like mono or post nasal drainage, and treat your illness appropriately.

  • Ear problems

    Ear problems

    Common ear problems include pain, drainage, and trouble hearing.  Typical conditions include infection, ear wax impaction, or fluid behind the ear drum.  Our providers can make a diagnosis and provide the best treatment plan for your situation.

  • Rash/Skin problems

    Rash/Skin problems

    Our providers can diagnose and treat common skin problems and rashes, including infections (fungal, bacterial, and viral), bites and stings, and allergic reactions, as well as evaluate and treat boils and cuts/lacerations.

  • Sprains/Injuries


    We have on-site x-ray and can diagnose and treat simple orthopedic complaints, including pain, injuries, sprains, falls, and simple fractures.  We can provide basic orthopedic treatments as well as help you find an orthopedic specialist for follow-up.

  • Cough


    Cough can be caused by a number of factors, including bronchitis, colds, allergies, or reflux.  Our providers can diagnose and treat your cough.

  • Urinary problems

    Urinary problems

    Common urinary problems include infection, pain, frequency, kidney stone, and STD infections.  Our providers are able to diagnose and treat these and other urinary problems

  • Eye problems

    Eye problems

    We treat many different type of eye problems including infections, abrasions, pain, and redness.  Our provider will perform a thorough examination to diagnose and treat your specific condition.

  • Headache


    Headache can be a symptom of many different conditions, including migraine, trauma, or sinus infection.  We will diagnose and treat the cause of your headache, and help you arrange further specialist care if necessary.

  • Vomiting/Diarrhea


    We can treat vomiting and diarrhea due to stomach viruses or food poisoning.  Our staff will provide a full evaluation, necessary prescription medications, and IV fluids if necessary.

  • Physicals


    We provide physicals for a variety of pre-participation activities, including school, camp, and sports physicals.  Our providers will complete the forms your activity require

  • Fever


    We can determine the cause and provide appropriate treatment for fever due to a variety of causes.

  • Emergencies


    While we recommend that all patients having a possible medical emergency call 911, our staff is trained in basic life support, including respiratory support and AED use.