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It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—flu season. While it comes and goes every year, it always seems to sneak up on everyone. Despite this, we all know that we need to go and get our flu shot. But even though we all need this vaccine, not many people understand how vaccines work. And those who do tend to have a relatively rudimentary understanding of them. So why not turn to Rapides for the answers—the urgent care you trust in Alexandria, LA. 

How They Work

Imagine we didn’t have vaccines. When a virus takes hold, white blood cells begin making antibodies that begin to fight the virus. However, by this time, you probably have a few symptoms. So you do what you can until it goes away. But what if the infection is so bad that it’s deadly? Or that it has spread to your neighbors or friends and is deadly for them? 

So how do vaccines help this issue? Live vaccines, like the flu vaccine, contain a weak version of the virus. Others contain a dead version of it that is still usable. When the shot is given, the body responds in the same way it would when we get sick. Our white blood cells begin creating antibodies against this illness and remain at the ready inside of us. Now if we come in contact with the illness, the chance of catching it is much, much lower. 

Due to health issues, some people may also be unable to receive certain vaccines. This means they have no line of defense ready to help them from a disease that would be much harder on them due to their health problems. So by protecting ourselves, we also protect these individuals by reducing our chances of spreading the virus. 

Why Do We Need A Flu Shot Every Year?

One of the things we hear the most is, “Why do I need a flu shot every year?” We understand the confusion. After all, other vaccines are only necessary every couple of years or only once. So, why is the vaccine necessary every single year?

It’s simple—the flu virus changes constantly. Not only that, but there are several variations of the flu affecting the public at one given time. Because of this, the vaccination you got last year is now partially or entirely useless. 

Since the flu virus is always changing, some also wonder why they should bother with a flu shot. After all, you’re healthy now! There’s little chance that you’ll get it, right? Unfortunately, viruses don’t discriminate and you’re at risk for catching the flu regardless of your age, gender, or health. But with the flu vaccine, influenza infections are reduced and thousands of deaths are prevented. By protecting yourself, you’re also protecting other people. Do your part this year and come into our urgent care in Alexandria, LA for your flu shot!

Get The Care You Need From Our Urgent Care in Alexandria, LA

You need your vaccine, get the care you need from the best. Visit Rapides Urgent Care as soon as possible to get your flu shot and protect yourself from illness. If you have any questions about our vaccination process or anything else, give us a call at one of our urgent care locations in Alexandria or Pineville, LA. We’re more than happy to help! Let’s all do our part for our health and the health of others.